Friday, August 8, at 7:30pm


Saturday, August 9, at 3pm

Highways Performance Space, Santa Monica

Eight original short plays written for

and starring a Project Kid with their adult mentor

The Virginia Avenue Project provides free after and in-school programs using the Arts in conjunction with long-term, on-on-one mentoring to give struggling children the skills to think creatively, critically, and courageously about life goals and choices. Kids join as early as age 6 and stay involved through high school working alongside caring adult mentors throughout their growing years.  Since our inception in 1992: 100% of Project kids have graduated from high school, 95% have gone on to college, and 98% are the first in their families to do so!

So, Kids! Video From Leigh

Hi, Kids and Kids-Turned-Adult!  As most of you know, I retired in October so we won’t be seeing that much of each other even though I’ll still be involved behind the scenes.  When I was thinking about my retirement I mainly thought about what I wanted to say to all of you who have impacted my life so tremendously and given me the gift of growing up alongside you.  Eventually I wrote a poem and later combined it with photos I’ve taken of you over the years and, with considerable help from my genius at the Mac Store – animated the text.  So this is what I wish for all of you – actually, for everyone – and remember, no matter how old we get it’s never too late to go for coffee … or tea.  So, Kids! Video 

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