Weekly Planning to Lose Weight Running

If you want to lose weight with healthy methods and endure over time, running will come quite well. On the one hand, it will improve your metabolism even when you are resting, and it is easier to follow a diet. Believe me, you will not have to be constantly aware of those temptations. If you want to learn how to do it correctly, follow the following suggestions that we leave below:

Rest well

If you are a beginner, this section will be the most important in your training plan. At the most, you should go out to train 3 days a week, since the only thing you will get enslaved to running every day is a premature exhaustion and an increase in your vulnerability to suffer sports injuries by overtraining. During active rest days it is advisable to cross train, adding other activities such as bodybuilding, cycling, hiking, swimming, dancing, skating, etc.

Vary your workouts

If you can not improve however much you train and you see a stagnation in your marks, it is probably because you do not have fun in your outings, locking yourself in the monotony of the workouts (always doing the same routine), or worse, it is likely that whenever you go out running you do the same thing: the same route, the same distance, the same rhythm and the same time.

To begin with, it is right to create a regularity and a good aerobic base, but to burn calories you have to prevent the body from getting used to the same routine since, in the long run, the same training will make you lose fewer calories due to the adaptation of the organism to the same effort, and the effectiveness of the activity carried out will be lost.

The fartlek is your best ally

If you have been doing 2-3 weekly departures of continuous running for a month, the best advice is to begin to include changes in rhythm in your routines, alternating long and slow shootings with short shoots at a higher speed or with changes in rhythm.

The ideal is to start with Swedish fartlek , controlling the time of the changes of rhythm, for example: 10 x (3 minutes fast + 1 minute of recovery), or 8 x (2 minutes slow + 2 minutes fast + 1 minute at the rate of 5k).

Do not get obsessed with the rhythm

It is preferable that you run every week 30 minutes at a slow pace during your exits that 15 minutes at a rapid pace (without counting warming and back to calm). Try to increase the total time each week, but do not obsess about the speeds. Keep in mind that you have just started a plan and it is preferable to prevent injuries.

Take note

Keep a record of your workouts, monitor progress, changes in weight, changes in your heart rate, your feelings during and after training and any personal comments you deem appropriate and that help you improve your training plan.

Weekly plan

We describe how it would be a week in your weight loss training plan. The plan is designed for runners who have made sporadic trips for 1-2 months. Do not forget to perform a good warm-up (joint mobility exercises, cardiovascular exercises and stretching) and the return to calm. You can get more help implementing some supplements to lose weight

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